Two teams claim premierships


Meatloaf sang ‘two out of three ain’t bad,’ which ended up the result from Grand Final matches for a local lawn bowling club.

Ballan Bowling Club had three teams vying for premierships, the Tuesday Midweek team and Saturday’s Division 3 and Division 7.

Success came early in the week with the Midweek team defeating City Oval, at Sebastopol.

After eight years without a team in the midweek competition, 2022 was their year with a new crew.

The Ballan team went into the match slight favourites. A tight competitive match was played early before the two rinks were declared outright winners.

Grant Stirling’s rink came away with a +15 win whilst the rink of Chris Love played a tough one, going down by -2. Ballan defeated City Oval 46-33.

Division 3 and Division 7 both travelled to Ballarat Bowling Club for their grand final matches. Div 3 played Victoria BC and Div 7 played Ballarat East BC.

Division 7 went into the final undefeated all season, unfortunately they lost on the day. The teams played 84 ends and the scores were locked with another end having to be played, still resulting in locked scores. Another end was played with Ballan losing by a single shot.

A tight match was also played by the Division 3 team in front of a massive Victoria BC opposition crowd.

Thank you to the Moorabool News the above coverage.