The New Green


The Ballan Bowling Club is proud to announce their brand-new synthetic bowling green.

The old grass green required a lot of maintenance, which meant the green was often closed to the public whilst our volunteers kept it up to scratch. We also used to use natural bore water to keep it green, although after years of use the natural salts contaminated the soil making it impossible to move forward.

Thanks to a group of organisations we were able to gather the funding for a complete overhaul. The new green is not only top standard, but is much easier to maintain – ensuring we are open seven days a week.

This has meant that the green is open to people every day, returning the Ballan Bowling Club to a premier destination in the area.

The Ballan Bowling Club would like to thank…

The Moorabool Shire for their $100k Community Grant.

The Ballan & District Community Bank for their $15k Contribution.

Katherine King Community Grant of $15k.

$10,000 from Moorabool Wind Farm (Thanks to Julie Dargan for all of her ongoing support)

A $5k Sponsorship from Premier Fencing.

The Ballan Rec Reserve for their contribution of $5k.

And anonymous donations totalling $5k.

We would also like to thank our volunteers, members and the community who managed to raise $30k through club events and fundraisers.


With Thanks to our Primary Sponsors