On Tuesday 30 November Ballan midweek team travelled to Webbcona for their match. Once again the Ballan players showed that they are going to be very competitive in this divisiongoing down by just 3 shots. Jan Conroy rink drew 19 all while the Brian Dowling ring went down by 3 shots.

Division 3 travelled to Sebastopol for a game that was going to be close all day. This proved to be the case but it was Ballan that came out on top by 11 shots. Best rink was Grant Stirling, Dave Myers, Johnny Mullane and Marcus Darley (s).

Division 7 also had an away game against City Oval. This was going to be a tight tussle as both teams were going in undefeated. Luckily it was Ballan that came out on top by 24 shots. Great team effort. Best rink was Michael Carey, Joe McFall, Gary Cornell and Dusty Martyn (s).